How To Make Money From Android From AdMob Ads

How To Make Money From Android By Using AdMob Ads. Earn money online by displaying relevant ads alongside your content. Host ads on your site with AdSense or on your app with AdMob.

AdMob is a mobile advertising company and system, Method to make money from android. By using Ads on your Apps.

So before proceeding with this article the important part is you already having any android app.

How To Make Money From Android | AdMob Ads - Today we explain the ins and outs of how you can use AdMOb to Earn some money.

Make Money From AdMob Ads

 This is one of the best and effective way to earn revenue from your Apps. You can earn revenue from your android apps bu Using Google Adsense. Their is mobile version of Adsense which is known as Admob. Here are the steps about how you can make money by using Admob.
Note:- Before Using Admob Make sure that you have to publish your Android apps in Google play store.
  • Firstly Open the Google Admob.
  • Now register your account with correct detail by using your gmail account. If you already having an Adsense Approve account then use it for Admob to sign up.
  • After completing Sign up, click on the Add your app button.
  • Now Provide the Tax detail and payment method before proceeding in Admob. Their are two different methods available for payment by Using Bank account or by using PayPal method.
  • Now Add your Apps type their are 4 available option Android apps, ipad Apps, iphone Apps and windows phone 7 apps.

  • Click on the Android apps tab if your apps is publish in android market.
  • Now enter the required detail of your Apps like enter the name of app, Provide the url of your apps published in play store, then choose the category and enter the apps description.

  • Now Submit your apps detail and wait for apps Approval. After the approval you will get unique id code which you have to save or paste in the hosting of apps where your apps is created.
  • Now copy Your Publisher id code and paste them in Advertisement section available in the hosting of your apps.
  • After setting all the steps successfully within 24 hours ads will start appearing on your Android apps and you can check earning in the Admob dashboard.

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